The Dinner at Dusk Mission

Supporting black women in their journey as students, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders.

As an entrepreneur, curator, Maja Sly deeply understands the lack of information and resources available for females. Maja set out to change such challenges by bringing her 25 years of business knowledge, together with, the resources to level the playing field for Dinner at Dusk participants.

Our Goals


Directly connect participants to initiatives that boost company growth.


Close the inequality gap through access to capital and/or funding.


Help students determine majors that align with their passion through internships and job placement.


Support entrepreneurs in their journey to operationalize and scale their businesses.

Become a Partner Today!

Dinner at Dusk wants to be a sustainable resource for women of color who want to improve their lives through education and business. Our goal is to put thousands of women of color on the road to financial success. Your Company has the unique opportunity to partner with us and our movement.

Investment: $1,000